Quality DNA Tests is the trusted name for premium DNA testing services in the United States.

Call 1.800.837.8419 now to learn how to easily setup your DNA test. Easily order your home paternity test kit or setup a legal DNA paternity test in your area that follows chain-of-custody procedures.x

Private Paternity Test

Our DNA test process keeps your information private. Your Privacy is our #1 priority.

Fast Results

Have your paternity test results in as little as 2 days after the laboratory receives DNA samples.

Accredited DNA Test

Have your paternity test results in as little as 2 days after the laboratory receives DNA samples.

Private DNA Paternity Test

There are two types of paternity tests: Legal DNA Test & Home Paternity Test. The Home Paternity Test is is the best option for families that want to keep the paternity test private. The Legal DNA Test is for people that need to use their paternity results in court. The Home Paternity Test and Legal Paternity Test are the exact same accuracy and provide conclusive results. The Home Paternity Test can always be performed in the lab for a reduced price.

Need Help?

Let our expert team of DNA testing experts help you with your order.

Call us at 1-800-837-8419 to help setup the right test for you. DNA Testing locations hours will vary. Call to check for available appointments.

We strive to help you every step of the process. Do not hesitate to call and contact us for more help.

Quality DNA Tests provides paternity tests for: Identity, Support, Benefits, Public Assistance, and Health reasons.

Quality DNA Tests exists to provide a medical testing resource offering affordable, confidential DNA paternity testing. Results are completely private and paternity test prices are always affordable. Quality DNA offer several lab tests to meet your needs including DNA Testing, Paternity Tests, Adoption DNA Testing, and Adoption DNA Testing. Do not wait a minute longer call us today. For reliable DNA testing, schedule your appointment with Quality DNA Tests.

Pain Free Test

The paternity swab test is a painless and easy test to complete. The test can be performed on any adult, child or baby even a new born baby. The paternity test involves rubbing a cotton swab that looks similar to a Q-Tip on the inside cheek to collect cells. The collected sample of cheek cells is then placed in a sterile envelope and shipped to the lab.

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