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Legal Paternity Testing

The Legal DNA Test results are designed to be used as a legal document that can be used in court. Collections and testing procedures follow a strict Chain of Custody procedure.

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home paternity test

Home Paternity Testing

Home Paternity Testing is a discreet way to determine if an alleged father is the biological father of a child in question. Our home paternity tests are tested in the same laboratory as our legal paternity tests.

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3-5 Business Day Results


Sibling Paternity Test

Sibling DNA tests are used to determine if 2 or more people share a biological parent (typically the father). Sibling paternity tests are useful in cases where the alleged father is unwilling or unavailable to test.

3-8 Business Day Results

Legal and Home Tests Available

grandparent dna test

Grandparent Paternity testing will confirm if there is a biological relationship between the paternal grandparents and the child in question. Grandparent DNA testing is most commonly used to determine the father of the child. However, it can also be used with maternal grandparents.

3-8 Business Day Results

Legal and Home Tests Available

What our clients have to say

Scheduling was much easier than I expected. My daughter was in a different state and I had concerns about needing to travel. We were able to be scheduled at separate with no problems. They also took photos of us at our appointment. That helped me feel at ease that the right person was getting the test. If I had to do it all over again, I would use this company!


Hands down a wonder experience. The test was set up perfectly, I was worried I would mess something up. Easily shipped off and tracking was already provided. I was on edge for a few days. I was so happy to get a phone call along with and email of the results. The gentleman on the phone was so incredibly sweet while I was in shock over my results. Im so very thankful for closing a very stressful chapter of my life. It was worth absolutely every penny. Thank you!


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