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The Legal DNA Test is designed to be used as a legal document that can be used in court and follows a strict Chain of Custody procedure ensuring that tests are admissible in court. If you plan on using your paternity test results for any legal reason in the future then this is the test to purchase.

Legal DNA Results

Fast Results

Once testing is complete, we will send you all the necessary documents to present in a court case. Our AABB and ISO 17025 accredited labs produce the highest quality legal documents for presentation in court. This includes copies of photos and fingerprints taken at the draw site and of course a notarized document of your results.

AABB Accredited

Laboratories must pass strict review and inspection of their testing laboratories and process to be AABB accredited. We only use the highest quality laboratories that maintain AABB, CAP and ISO17025 accreditation.

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Call now to speak with our paternity test experts to make certain that you purchase the right test for your situation. At Quality DNA we provide DNA testing with complete customer service that ensures a confidential, friendly, and simple experience.
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A DNA paternity test determines the biological father of a child. All humans inherit our DNA profile from our biological parents. Half of this DNA comes from our mother and the other half from our father. The paternity test compares the DNA from the child with that of the father testing for a match. Read more about using blood-typing in paternity tests here.

Locations Near You

When setting up a legal paternity test all parties being tested must have their DNA samples collected at a cerified facility. When you place your order your representative will locate a collection center near you to arrange an appointment.

Complete Customer Service

Quality DNA provides a A to Z service for legal DNA testing.

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